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Well, I haven't had a premium membership for a really long time... unfortunately, I don't have the money to buy it right now :'(.

So, I need all the help I can get! Anything is better than nothing!

The goal is one month's premium membership--I don't want to ask for more... it feels pushy >.<!

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001. Real name: Hmmmm.... What's a name, anyway? If it is to describe you, or to make it easier for others to address you and know you, then that's a hard question to answer; I have at least twelve or so names. However, I prefer to be called Violette here :)!

002. Nickname(s): Vi. My friends call me Vi, as well as people who'd like to BE my friends :)! Really, I'm a friendly person, so don't feel you can't just pop me a message!! :D

003. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.

004. Male or Female:  Female.

005. Nursery: Uhm... not sure. I don't think I attended a nursery school.

006. Primary School: Pretty sure there were over six schools... maybe even over nine.

007. Secondary School: If you include middle school and high school, I went to five different schools (I actually liked my last high school).

008. Hair Color:  Dark/Dirty blonde/Brown.

009. Long or Short:  I prefer long hair (although it's only just past my shoulder blades right now... I want it to be LONGER!!).

010. Loud or Quiet:  Both. It just depends on my mood and the situation. If I had to guess, though, I'd say 55/45. It's pretty close.

011. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans. Gotta love jeans. Medium-Dark blue jeans, too, not black.

012. Phone or Camera: I would PREFER to have a cell phone right about now, but I don't have one. My parents live across the country and I'd like to be able to talk to them more. So, phone it is.

013. Health Freak: Eh... I'd say somewhat. I changed, and am still changing, my life style to be healthier so I could have a better life. If I had to say something on health, though, I'm not a germaphobe, just... germAWARE.

014. Drink or Smoke: No. I will never smoke. I will never drink. I am not comfortable AT ALL with either.

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone:  Does anime/manga/books/movies count? If so, I have several...

016. Political orientation: I do not indulge myself in politics very often. The only thing that comes close is that I am Pro-Love, Pro-Life, Pro-Expression. Pride Wing ftw!!! 

017. Piercings: None. Not even my ears (I'm too chicken and hate pain and needles...).

018. Tattoos: None. I considered it once when I was... 13-15ish. I am a die-hard Sailor Moon fan, and I thought at that time it'd be cool to have a golden crescent moon on my forehead. My views have since changed in regards to myself--but if anyone ever did that, I'd think they were cool XD!


019. An Airplane? Yes. I have. And I absolutely HATED the experience!! I don't do well with heights...

020. A Car Accident?  Not that I can recall. The closest I came to it was a car or two ahead of me actually had a collision with another car that was turning. It was the turning car's fault, I think, but that doesn't matter so much as no one having gotten hurt (I am 80% sure of this last part).

021. A Fist Fight? I don't like thinking of the times I have, but yes. No, I will not elaborate. They are upsetting memories.


022. First piercing:  Have never had a piercing.

023. First Best Friend:  Her name was Dawn. 

024. First Instrument played:  Piano. It is the instrument of my soul!

025. First award:  If certificates count, I got one in elementary school once... I don't remember what it was about, though, and my mom has it, so I can't go take a look (even if I wanted too).

026. First Crush:  I was in second grade I think, and there was this boy named Pablo... he had a really nice smile and I liked him, I think. Pretty sure. I kept annoying him whenever I could so he'd chase me around the blacktop, anyway.

027. First Language:  English. I know a little Japanese (working on it), and have currently taken up learning Latin.

028. First Big Vacation:  Never had one. Not ever.


029. Last Person you talked to:  In person? My boyfriend. Over the phone? My grandma.

031. Last Person You Watched:  Er... if you mean to stare intensely at, then I'd say my boyfriend. 

032. Last Food You Ate:  Cheerios :D!

032. Last Movie You Watched: Lilo and Stitch: Stitch Has A Glitch. However, I'd like to point out my most FAVORITE movies I watched recently are Maleficent and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

034. Last Song You listened to:  Time To Say Goodbye (Full Song) -- RWBY

035. Last Thing You Bought:  A skype phone number.

036. Last Person You Hugged:  My boyfriend.


037. Food:  I love food. How do you expect me to have a favorite? I don't know! .........Mashed potatoes, I guess? And breadless, skinless chicken (have it with a low calorie gravy, and it's Aa-mazing~!)... 

038. Drinks: I prefer water and tea, nowadays. I'm cutting back on soda. 

039. Clothing: I don't have a favorite brand or anything, but I prefer to wear jeans with a nice short sleeve top.

040. Book:  -_-... This one is designed to make me choose, and I don't like that! I don't know, myself. I have too many favorites. I can only tell you my old favorites--when I was a kid-13/14, it was any and all Fear Street books by R. L. Stine (they still hold a special place in my heart), and in my 7th/8th grade-high school years was House of Night by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

041. Colour:  Dark shades of purple, but I am especially drawn to most blues (as long as it isn't baby powder blue).

042. Flower:  Hibiscus, roses...

043: Music:  Go to my youtube. I have too many favorites.

044. Movie:  I have too many favorites. I may tell you one for a certain mood I am in at that time, but it could change in the next mood. One of my favorite genres, though, is horror! :D

046. Subjects:  If you mean for school, then it was my Creative Writing/English classes. I'm best in those subjects.


047. [ ] Kissed in the rain.

048. [x] Celebrated Halloween. 

049. [ ] Had You Heart Broken.

050. [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone. 

051. [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation. 

052. [ ] Weapons (I would like a pocket knife and pepper spray, though, if these count...).

053. [x] Breath fire (A metaphorical breath of fire in anger? Yes. Literal? I am not a dragon, or a fire bender, so I can't :().

054. [ ] Had an Abortion. (Never been pregnant)

055. [x] Done something I've regretted  (Human nature.).

056. [x] Broke a Promise  (I try my best not too, though!).

057. [x] Kept a Secret  (I will forever keep any and all secrets that are not life threatening).

058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy  (Working on not ever pretending...).

059. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life  (Yes. Although it was a brief question-and-answer by email, I met Nancy Strauss, the Online Courses Director at, and she helped inspire my with my writing. I can't wait to take the (very) affordable classes they all have on there!!).

060. [x] Pretended To Be Sick  (Only in jest, though).

061. [ ] Left The Country  (Never have. But one day, I will go to Scotland!!).

062. [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it. 

063. [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing.

064. [ ] Ran a Mile  (Does walking a mile count? I'm pretty sure I've done that! I watch Jessica Smith TV exercise videos on youtube. She is VERY encouraging and down-to-Earth!).

065. [ ] Went To the Beach  (Never been to the ocean, either).

066. [ ] Stayed Single  (Nope. A little over a year now of being with my boyfriend).


067. Eating? Nope.

068. Drinking? Not at this second............. okay, now water.

069. Getting Ready To? Create more people (characters) for my book and research!

070. Listening To? 

071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today?  Exercise, eat lunch, repeatedly let out my bf's dog (she's an old b****), make progress on my writing.

072. Waiting For?  Lunch time.


073. Want Kids?  Sure, in about 8-10 years, and especially after my career has started. I want a secure environment for him/her/them. I'd want no more than two.

074. Want To Get Married?  Of course, within the next five years, if possible. I want to be married for at least 2-3 before kids...

075. Careers in mind?  As soon as possible.


076. Lips or Eyes?  Eyes.

077. Shorter or Taller?  I prefer my height or taller, but I'm not against him being shorter if his personality makes up for that couple of inches-to-feet below me.

078. Romantic or Spontaneous? I've learned that spontaneity is nice, and definitely welcome, but I'd have to say him being more romantic is the better plus.

079. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms? It doesn't really matter...? As long as he is comfortable with my want/need/desire for physical affection (I mean this as a PG rated comment, you pervs!!), and does well to return it, all is good in my world.

080. Sensitive or Loud? Sensitive. A man who is not only quiet, but insensitive, is not a good match for me. Nor is he a good match for me if he is loud and insensitive.

081. Hook-up Or Relationship? I prefer dating-to-relationships at a slow pace. A random hook-up or two, or even one-night-stands, just isn't my style.

082. Troublemaker or Hesitant? Troublemaker. Come on now, a guy willing to have fun, and not in a drinking/smoking/law breaking way, is totally cool!!


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts? I had a few close calls with my glasses, but no, I've never lost them.

084. Ran Away From Home? I thought about it three times from the ages of 13-17, and nearly attempted it twice.

085. Held A Weapon for Self Defense? Yes.

086. Killed Somebody? No, not ever. If I can help it, I never will, either.

087. Broken Someone's Heart:  ...I don't know for sure, but maybe, for one guy...

088. Been Arrested:  No, but I've been involved with the police a couple times--and no, I didn't do anything wrong! I just.. shouldn't be crawling under trains (I was TEN, and that was ONE TIME!).


090. Yourself?  This is an interesting question. I believe in myself in all things; the good in me, the bad in me, my ability to change, my love for writing, etc etc.

091. Miracles:  I can't live in this life without believing in them, even when I say otherwise when I am hurt/angry/depressed.

092. Love at First Sight:  I think... there can be a spark; of attraction, or of knowing you are to be involved with that someone, somehow.

093. Heaven:  Yes and no. I believe we go somewhere that's peaceful after this life--for of all the good and bad in this world, it is imperfect, and hopefully, when we die, our souls can go somewhere peaceful, if we want too and are able too--but I find it... challenging... to believe in "God" when people--Catholics/Mormons/Christians/Jews/whatever monotheism religion--make Him out to be so very human. Curious as to why I say that? Note me! Going to hate on me for it? Go ahead, my Haters-Gonna-Hate-Fire is a little low on flames.

094. Santa Claus:  I used to believe in him as a real person, now I believe in him as a very positive, if a little silly and ironic (Jeff Dunham and Peanut on Santa Claus), much needed happiness in this life.

096. Magic:  I do not believe you can live in this world and not believe in it. Whether it's witchcraft or every day miracles, or everything beyond or in between, that's up to you.


097. Is There Any One Person You Want to be With Right Now?  Romantically? My boyfriend. Friendly? My friends Rachel and Netty. Familial? My parents... and to meet my grandmother, of whom I've never met (dad's mom).

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life?  That... is a question. Hm. I guess you can say I'm 40% happy, 60% not. I have many reasons. I'm doing my best to reach 100%. There is a lot of work to do.

099. Are You Happy With The Person You're With?  If you are referring to my boyfriend, I'd rather say that there are both high and low roads in any sort of relationship. Currently, my road is a little on the low side with him, and I'd like to get on a higher road. Working on that too. If you are referring to my relationship with my parents, we are happier with each other as adults and individuals now, than we have ever been before. But I miss them terribly!

100. Post as 100 Truths and Tag five: Who to tag, who to tag... Oh, I know!!  levi-ackerman-heicho.deviantar……

Bring it on guys!! I know you want to do it! Also, I tag all random peeps who has just read my 100 Truths <3!!
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Unexpected,Unpredicted Love
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Code Name: Violette
Age: 20
DOB: January 31st
Born: USA
Gender: Female
Openness: Completely. I don't mind the Yaoi/Yuri/Tranny/whatever crap. You're you, people! Nothin' to be ashamed about!
Favorite Anime/Manga: Sailor Moon
Dream(s): To be a writer. I haven't figured out what else I want yet.

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Meh. I dunno.
Favourite photographer: None that I know of.
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga, but I like a lot of different ones.
Personal Quote: "Always be who you are, for who would you be, if not you?"

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